What are the Most Common Types of Animals that Eat in Your Garden?

Virtually all kinds of Palm Beach animals can turn to your garden for food, but the destruction they cause will vary on what they find in your garden. Almost all small and large Florida animals can eat in your garden and they include; deer, birds, rats, mice, skunks, raccoons, and reptiles.

Most birds will feed in your Palm Beach garden, especially when you have large plants or trees that will provide shelter and food for them. Birds prefer tree-plants, especially those that bear fruits and nuts. Insects can also eat in your garden when there are lots of bright and colourful flowers. Insects rely on flowering plants for their cross-pollination activities, Insects also feed on fruits for energy.

Animals such as rice and mice may not be active in your garden for long, because they use gardens as escape routes to and from homes. If your garden is close to the foundation of your home, then Palm Beach rats and mice may access the foundation from such gardens. For animals such as skunks and raccoons, they may invade your garden especially when they see other smaller Palm Beach animals they can prey on. For instance, raccoons are known to prey on cats, rats and dogs, thus they may frequently hunt in your garden. Similarly, Florida skunks and moles do eat ground insects and earthworks and they may invade your garden to dig or burrow and eat such small insects, and animals.

Reptiles such as snakes and alligators may hibernate in your garden, especially when the weather is hot. These animals may search for eggs laid by other Palm Beach animals or even hunt smaller animals such as rats, frogs and mice. Reptiles hardly feed on garden fruits, or plants, and they don’t normally cause numerous damages to plants because they are largely carnivorous in nature. Animals such as Goose may hunt for both plant and other smaller Florida animals. Wild gooses are known to invade gardens especially during the warm summer or springs where they feed on insects, and fruits. Smaller birds may invade your garden to eat but just take temporary shelter. Depending on the type of animal eating in your garden, there are wide varieties of control measures that can help you prevent Florida animal activities in the garden- traps and exclusion control seem to be the most effective ways of protecting your gardens, likewise, you need to ensure that your garden is kept clean, likewise your lawns must be kept low.

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